Lint Trap

When I moved back to Michigan from Texas, I was so pleased to hear that recycling was practiced and was easy to do.  Lint traps are also used, not by all, but by my family.  Since I had never heard of lint traps, I bought several kinds and found the wire ones to be the best.  In the spirit of recycling, when they are ready to be replaced the trap has built up a hefty amount of lint and I thought they made wonderful sculptural structures; hence I have saved each and every one.  I have painted them, dipped them in shellac, dipped them into gesso, you name it and I have done it.  So when putting on a new lint trap, I thought one could be used to pose the miniatures I have been collecting also.  For those of you who don’t know, they are all less than an inch tall.

Those of you who have been enjoying my postings, I thought it might be fun to have you put a title on this one.  I’ll give a away a high resolution print to the person who comes up with the title I like the most.

lint trap



After seeing the movie ”Incendies”, which deals with secrets, I started thinking about my own secrets and why I hold them.   In the past, my secrets were generally about not saying what I would like, because of the fear of reprisals and repercussions. Keeping quiet because of these things did a kind of violence to my psyche.  When I think of Anita Hill, the High School cheerleader in Silsbee Texas and now the New York Hotel maid who spoke up I am so am impressed with the bravery of these women.


mad women


necessary secrets



Dominique Strauss-Kahn