Women in Art

rose blue
Height: 9 1/2"

In art and in language, women are often placed as the object, or the thing upon which the subject acts by way of the verb. By diagramming the placement of women using the language of art, I wish to suggest a new language in which women become their own subject instead of the object.

Women as the subject, implies that she can create, act upon, define her world as she sees it not as an object that is merely the receptacle for the subject to act upon. In the following pieces, she is not static and one dimensional, instead there are layers, upon layers of self; she is the doer, defining herself.

The subject chooses the object of a sentence as an object of consumption or desire; the object is passive. In object as the woman, she is camouflaged as a bathroom fixture, it is silent, it lies, and it deceives as women have always been reputed to do. The object is a masquerade; it masquerades as femininity.

objectification 6
porcelain and clay

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