Eve Deceives

I thought it might be fun to rewrite the story of Eve. Rather than having Eve be deceived and a victim, why not have her follow her own moral compass and take care of the problem.

Peter Peter

Peter Peter Pumpkin eater Had a wife and couldn’t keep her. Tried to put her in a pumpkin shell And this is when she ran like hell.  

Lint Trap

When I moved back to Michigan from Texas, I was so pleased to hear that recycling was practiced and was easy to do.  Lint traps are also used, not by all, but by my family.  Since I had never heard of lint traps, I bought several kinds and found the wire ones to be the… Continue reading Lint Trap


After seeing the movie ”Incendies”, which deals with secrets, I started thinking about my own secrets and why I hold them.   In the past, my secrets were generally about not saying what I would like, because of the fear of reprisals and repercussions. Keeping quiet because of these things did a kind of violence to… Continue reading Secrets

Notes on Photography

Since childhood, I have always put things together in ways that suggest meaning to me.  In using miniature models of people surrounded by everyday objects in my photography, I want to pull the viewer in for a closer look, to reconsider familiar objects, encouraging the viewer to make symbolic connections and extracting their own personal… Continue reading Notes on Photography

Women in Art

In art and in language, women are often placed as the object, or the thing upon which the subject acts by way of the verb. By diagramming the placement of women using the language of art, I wish to suggest a new language in which women become their own subject instead of the object. Women… Continue reading Women in Art